How did Brooklyn come up with the idea? Bored with the games she was playing on her father’s iPhone, he challenged her to design her own game. After she gave him an eye roll or two, she came back to him later with an idea and hand-drawn sketches of Giggle Bear. Impressed with what he saw, the family decided to make the sketches a real game for iPhone.

And at that moment, Giggle World Productions, LLC was born. Brooklyn went on to draw what she thought would be fun — a game where you could design your own animal and then play with it online. She added more and more details and tested her ideas on her friends to get a broad range of input.

Just as the app was begun, her mother Marsha found out she had breast cancer.
The family decided part of the proceeds for the app should go to support breast cancer research. “I am most moved by the outpouring of support I’ve received, even from strangers, and I want to give back,” said Marsha. “We want to use proceeds from this game to make a difference for others by helping support breast cancer treatment research so one day no families will have to go through such an ordeal.” Marsha finished treatment in January and the family continues to move forward with the business and is planning for the next game, a music app designed by Brooklyn’s twin brother Geoffrey.