So you think you’re ready to play the Giggle Bear game?
Giggle Bear is now available on iTunes for $1.99. With every download, free or paid, Giggle World will donate money to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer research. A total of $50,000 will be donated once we reach 500,000 downloads.
Learn more about the Vera Bradley Foundation here.

How did Brooklyn come up with the idea for Giggle Bear?
Bored with the games she was playing
on her father’s iPhone, he challenged
her to design her own game. After she
gave him an eye roll or two, she came
back to him later with an idea and
hand-drawn sketches of Giggle Bear.
Impressed with what he saw, the family
decided to turn the sketches into a game
for iPhone.
Learn more about Brooklyn here.

Complete features list:
Create bears, rabbits and moose. Giggle Friends on the way soon: squirrel, frog and elephant.

Dress your Giggle Bear with cool custom clothing; shirts, pants, jackets and jewelry.

Buy new outfits for your friend using Giggle Bucks.

Create a collection of Giggle Friends, and display your favorites right in the playroom.

Explore the Playroom and Backyard to find all the games.

Record your own giggles

Giggle Bear plus 4 Games!
Simon Says
Water Balloon Toss
Star Gazer

More features coming soon with future releases!